If you have ever used a wireless connection with multiple occupants in your home all on the same network then chances are you have experienced slowdown at least once or twice. Maybe you or someone else is downloading something huge and it’s clogging up the works. High internet traffic is a common problem, not just in the home but in the work area as well.

In the business world, the task for handling high internet traffic has been met with a combination of varying practices and technological advancements. Nowadays, most digital data flows through fiber optic cables offering t1 internet service or similar. These new wires allow for more users to do more things on the same network without experiencing too much slowdown, but sometimes it is still not enough.

Thankfully, there are other types of wire and lines you can run that can handle a much greater volume of internet traffic. T3 lines enable internet service equivalent to if you were using 28 T1s and there are other lines you can consider. Some may be more costly than others but you have to weigh the cost against the risk of all your internet commerce suddenly being brought to a standstill – especially during peak hours.

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