Typically, when running applications on your mobile device (such as an iPhone or Android device) there are preset applications are you able to run. These apps are available directly through the the device’s software package, such as iTunes. However, there is another method of adding programming applications. This is only done, however, once the mobile device is if you jailbreak the device. Jail breaking a device means the protected programming lock is removed, allowing you to upload your own mobile applications. Once open you can use a programming application to add additional content and features to the device.

In order to jailbreak the mobile device, you either need to have a professional perform the task, or follow a step-by-step tutorial, available online. The exact method for jail breaking the device does differ, depending on what you are using. Once the device is unlocked, you are ready to install and use the application programming interface. Download the application programming interface from a third party website and upload the content to the phone. Once on the phone, select it just like any other application to load it. You can now choose the interface programming feature you want to run on the device.

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