Internet telephony is becoming more popular than the traditional landline phone. Part of the reason for such is because it offers the consumer many advantages. For one, the internet telephone systems save a great deal of money. Most internet phones come with extremely cheap plans that offer unlimited long distance calls. Customers are able to talk to distant family members and friends without having to worry about receiving a high telephone bill. Any type of service that relieves financial stress will have an advantage over another one.

Internet telephone service can also be bundled together with internet service and cable or satellite services. This provides another convenience and advantage for the customer because it can all be paid in one monthly bill. There will be no confusion or dates crossed. Not only that but people who opt to order bundled packages are given significant discounts on their services.

Internet telephony also offers a wide range of features and services that are not found on traditional landline phone. Just a few of these amazing features are text voicemail, video voicemail, voicemail to email, call parking, and the busy line feature. The mixture of savings and advanced features are slowly making internet telephony the most widely type service used today.

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